Alexander Makarov first discovered HEMA in his native Russia back in 2007, helping to establish it in what is now one of the HEMA heartlands in Moscow. Travelling widely to compete, he settled in London and was soon winning medals across Europe. Sasha is a big believer in the value of tournaments as a means of improvement, by forcing fencers to practice what they have studied under pressure in a decidedly non-cooperative environment. He has brought this experience to bear in the UK as one of the founding members and organisers of the Wessex League series, English Sidesword Open and Albion Cup tournaments. As an all-rounder competing in multiple categories, he puts a lot of emphasis on developing his mental skills. Tactics, insight, and focus under pressure are essential to fighting effectively and consistently, whatever the opponent throws at you.

Sasha was chosen to represent the UK HEMA community at the European Games in 2019. The games featured 200 events in 15 sports (23 disciplines). The organizers expected around 4,000 athletes from 50 countries. Ten of the sports offered qualification opportunities for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

Sasha will be assisting us in technical training, competitive focus and development programs, as well as coaching our athletes in the run up to tournaments.