It is with great pride that we are announcing the twinning of Tempus Fugitives with the Accademia di Scherma Lecce. The Cazzato family represents a proud fencing dynasty, and we are delighted to be working with their academy in Puglia, not only to run events and training camps in the UK & Italy, but also to concertedly establish a HEMA school in Lecce using best practice methodologies from both institutions. Our new European distribution centre for will be run by Cristian Cazzato, further cementing the connection between London and Puglia.

Maestro Roberto Cazzato presiding…

The new school shall be managed and run by Stefano Conese, a student of both schools, currently undergoing training as an instructor at the Italian national academy of fencing in Naples.

Stefano Conese

The event was cemented with a celebration, and surprise award ceremony, in honour of Paolo Cazzato, the oldest practicing fencing master alive today and founder of the Accademia in Lecce.