The Peter von Danzig Fightbook


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Noted medieval combat authorities Dierk Hagedorn and Christian Henry Tobler join forces to present a transcription, translation, and analysis of the Peter von Danzig Fight Book, one of the finest manuscripts of the 15th century devoted to the fencing tradition of German grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer.

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This codex features anonymous commentaries on Liechtenauer’s own mnemonic verses, as well as treatises by other masters of his circle: Masters Lignitzer, Huntfelt, Ott, and Peter von Danzig himself. A compendium of teachings for how to fight with the long sword, spear, sword and buckler, dagger, as well as unarmed grappling, both in and out of armour, this volume is a valuable resource for historical martial artists, historians, and medieval reenactors.