The Dürer Messer


Made by internationally renowned bladesmith Paul Binns, this strongly curved messer moves with a surprising fluidity. Fitted with a traditional boxwood grip, hollow ground blade and pronounced elman, all features are handwork. There is no question of the functional efficiency in this design. The Nagel is pierced through the guard (as it would have been historically), not welded on. The hand shaped lines and tiny imperfections are what catches the eye, sharply contrasting against machine perfect factory made replicas.

These will be made only occasionally and in minute batches. Backorders will be available, but our craftsmen do not work to strict deadlines.

Please note that each piece is made by hand, and there may be cosmetic differences or variations in the finished product. These are not mass produced items.


Sharp Blades

British Law requires that purchasers of sharp bladed products provide proof of age in the form of:

  • a passport, or
  • a photocard driving licence.

We use the Parcelforce Challenge 25 Age Check service which will require customers purchasing sharp items within the UK to show a form of photo ID upon delivery of their items if they are not obviously above the minimum age.

Please make sure you are available to show your ID upon delivery of sharp item/s.

Curved Blades

Under UK law, sales of curved blades are restricted. We will need proof from you that you are a member of a club with suitable insurance before we can accept an order for this item.

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If you have provided us with the required documentation, please add this item to your cart, and provide the authorisation at checkout.


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Period: 15th C.

Type: Elmslie Type 3b ++blade curvature

  • Overall Length: 70 cm
  • Blade Length: 53cm (along curvature)
  • Grip Length: 16.5 cm
  • Width of Blade at Ricasso: 4.5 cm
  • Width of Blade at Elman: 5.3 cm
  • Length of Cross: 14 cm
  • Length of Nagel: 4 cm

If you want to purchase this item outside of the UK – please contact us beforehand with your full address to calculate this. It is up to the seller to ensure that this item can be delivered in their home country.

In 2008 the UK government updated the 1988 Criminal Justice Act (Offensive Weapons), to include curved bladed swords with a length greater than 50cm.  This amendment made it an offense to buy, sell, import, make or in any way transfer swords which fell under that definition.

This amendment included exemptions from prosecution for swords supplied for a “permitted or sporting activity” provided that public liability insurance is held for that group or associations activities.

As such, we need to take copies of relevant documentation from our UK customers, so that we as sellers, and you as buyers, are protected from potential future prosecution, by having documented proof that at the time of sale you were a member of a group with public liability insurance for a permitted activity.

We will need the following details by email:

  • The name of your association or school
  • The insurance provider covering your sporting activities
  • Your personal insurance details under the association
  • Your association or school’s public liability insurance