Swept Hilt Rapier


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Product Name: Swept Hilt Rapier
Period: 17th c.
Source: An early design of rapier (or late sidesword) hilt, this model is commonly seen in works such as Rodolfo Capoferro’s famous masterpiece Gran Simulacro dell’Arte e dell’Uso della Scherma (1610)
Blade Typology: Narrow Rapier Blade
Blade Cross Section: Diamond
Pommel: Ball
Guard: Straight with finger rings, swept hilt and port ring
Blade Length: 114 cm (45”)
Max Blade Width: 1.7 cm
Guard Width: 27.5 cm
Grip Length: 9 cm
PoB: 10 cm from the cross
Weight: approx. 1250 gr.