Ribaldo Scabbard – Premium Range


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*Please note that this is a full re-fit of the current scabbard that comes with the Ribaldo Sidesword. The original scabbard is required.

Our Ribaldo set of accessories are entirely handmade by UK craftsmen with decades of experience. The hand shaped lines and tiny imperfections are what catches the eye, sharply contrasting against machine perfect factory made replicas.

We do not use electroplating. The silver or gold is brushed on thickly and then polished to a high shine. All fittings are cast here in the UK and attached to leather tooled and stitched in the same region.

Please note that each piece is made by hand, and there may be cosmetic differences or variations in the finished product. These are not mass produced items.

If you have specific requests, get in touch at info@tempus-fugitives.co.uk and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Ribaldo Scabbard Reskin

Ribaldo Scabbard Chape