Nation Deck “Spanish”


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For use with Force of Virtue the Game, this deck allows you to build a customized band if mercenaries for daring raids in Renaissance Italy.

  • Spain, or, better said, the crowns of Castile and Aragon, have long struggled with each other for control of the peninsula, who knows what they could accomplish united? From the legions of Rome to El Cid, the Iberian sun has tempered both man and metal to formidable strength. Whittle your opponents down with withering fire before you strike, drill and Toledo steel will prevail!

  • Strengths – Focussed on combined arms and mobility, highly specialised cards.

  • Weaknesses – Highly specialised cards, low armour and high Virtue needed to use their abilities to the fullest.

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Set in the ruins of Rome during the Borgia ascendancy, Force of Virtue pits the merciless Borgia family and their adherents against the powerful families opposing them.

Rather than large battles, we wanted to recreate the chaotic and spontaneous skirmishes caused by a myriad of agents and retinues and their agendas as they bribe, extort and murder their way to prominence. Whether you want to represent the Swiss mercenaries of the Borgia court, the merciless agents of the Venetian Republic, militia forces of the Romagna pressed into policing the countryside (for better or for worse) or even covert force dispatched by the great powers of France or the Holy Roman Empire. And will you pursue your patrons interests, or risk their displeasure by furthering your own goals…