Nation Deck “French”


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For use with Force of Virtue the Game, this deck allows you to build a customized band if mercenaries for daring raids in Renaissance Italy.

  • Sound the horns for the charge, gird your armour, fasten your lady’s token and prepare to win glory for the king. No nation provides stronger or more chivalrous knights of finer lineage than France. Let your mighty warriors descend as a hammer blow… with some support by the king’s petty archers and cannoneers of course. Show your foes why the chivalry of France has been feared across Christendom and beyond since the time of Charlemagne!

  • Strengths – Honour Cards for knights, Virtue Cards, and Defensive Intrigue Cards.

  • Weaknesses – Honour Cards for Mercenaries, Equipment Cards for Mercenaries, Strategic Cards.

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Set in the ruins of Rome during the Borgia ascendancy, Force of Virtue pits the merciless Borgia family and their adherents against the powerful families opposing them.

Rather than large battles, we wanted to recreate the chaotic and spontaneous skirmishes caused by a myriad of agents and retinues and their agendas as they bribe, extort and murder their way to prominence. Whether you want to represent the Swiss mercenaries of the Borgia court, the merciless agents of the Venetian Republic, militia forces of the Romagna pressed into policing the countryside (for better or for worse) or even covert force dispatched by the great powers of France or the Holy Roman Empire. And will you pursue your patrons interests, or risk their displeasure by furthering your own goals…