Meyer Sidesword


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Blunts for Tips (mixed pack)

Safer than just about any other blunt, these deform around a blade for a secure fit. Tape over with electrical tape to prevent slipping.

HEMA Weapon Maintenance Kit

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Product Name:  Meyer Sidesword
Period: 16th – 17th c.
Source: Inspired by images from the 16th century manuscript Gründliche Beschreibung der Kunst des Fechtens (1570) by Joachim Meyer.
Blade Typology: Feder
Blade Cross Section: Flat
Pommel: Oval
Guard: Straight guard with side ring
Blade Length: 91 cm (36”)
Guard Width: 27.5 cm
Grip Length: 9.5 cm
PoB: 7 cm from the cross