Lovino – Practice & Theory


From 16th century Italy comes this beautifully illustrated record of the common method of fencing by Master Giovanni Lovino displaying a modern English translation next to the original Italian. Originally offered as a gift to his Majesty King Henry III of France, this manuscript teaching techniques and theory contains 65 full plays utilising a variety of weapons, including swords of both one and two handed varieties, off-hand accessories such as the dagger, cape, buckler, rotella and targa plus additional plays with polearms, fighting multiple opponents and combating a mounted opponent.

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To aid you in understanding this masterpiece a preface describing and explaining the terminology and techniques in more detail has been written by the translator Adam Kaye to help put the terms used by Master Lovino in a modern context. Adam has been practicing historic swordplay since 2015 focusing on English and Italian fencing masters.