Gorget & Chest Protector Discount Bundle -Articulated-


Our bundle deal aims to provide a full protection pack for the upper body, by offering a 10% discount on combined orders of the segmented gorget and articulated chest protector from our ‘protective equipment’ section.

Segmented Gorget

Much like our lightweight gorget, this design fits neatly under the collar of a fencing jacket. Incorporating all of the same features (articulated lames, blade catcher, elasticated connections...), it has an enhanced segmentation to better protect the sides of the neck above the clavicles without impairing mobility.

The liner comes in black, blue, pink or grey.

Articulated Chest Protector (Unisex)

This articulated design of chest protector gives optimal protection without restricting mobility. The shape of the shell wraps around the sides of the body to protect the ribs. Padding beneath the flexible plastic shell improves comfort, prevents that awful clamminess of plastic directly on your skin and helps diffuse impact.

  • Two piece design
  • Padded for comfort
  • Flexible plastic shell for mobility
  • Extends around sides to protect ribs

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Segmented Gorget

Gorget liner colour

Black Liner, Blue Liner, Pink Liner, Grey Liner

Articulated Chest Protector (Unisex)


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