Ginetta / Lanciotto – Premium Range – Handmade with reinforced tip and sharpened wings


Period: 14-16th c.

A variety of spear used from the 14-16th c. and suitable for not only thrusts but blows to exposed bodyparts. The head has a ‘seriously’ reinforced point and sharpened wings for the strikes advocated in such texts as Vadi, Fiore and Marozzo. It is entirely handmade by UK craftsmen with decades of experience. The hand shaped lines and tiny imperfections are what catches the eye, sharply contrasting against machine perfect factory made replicas. The collar is purposely left with marks from the files and hammers that shaped it.

These will be made only occasionally and in minute batches. Backorders will be available, but our craftsmen do not work to strict deadlines.

Please note that each piece is made by hand, and there may be cosmetic differences or variations in the finished product. These are not mass produced items.

The ‘external’ socket diameter on these is 25mm, made to fit flush with our 25mm round ash shafts. We felt that these deserved a little more effort to fit, and some fettling will be involved. If you would like the head fitted and any artwork added to the shaft, please contact us at


If you want to purchase this item outside of the UK – please contact us beforehand with your full address to calculate this. It is up to the buyer to ensure that this item can be delivered in their home country.