English Sidesword Open 2022

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8pm Friday 16th September – 4pm Sunday 18th September

The Marshall Institute, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE

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First Stream

Second Stream


Having established itself as a leading event in the Sidesword discipline, the English Sidesword Open (ESO) returns in 2022 as part of the new Black Fencer European Sidesword League. Bringing together some of the worlds foremost athletes, the ESO is a qualifying event for the European Sidesword Finals, held at a prestigious Italian castle (yet to be disclosed – invitation only).

Don’t miss out on one of the HEMA calendars peak occasions!
All weapons are provided by the league sponsor, Black Fencer ⚔️

The tournament categories for 2022 are:

  • Sidesword & Dagger
  • Sidesword & Buckler
  • Sidesword alone

ESO Equipment Requirements

Note that there must be no exposed bare skin, including the nape of the neck, the back of the shins, the palms, and the wrists.

Fencing Masks: FIE 1600 Masks. Masks must not show signs of distress/damage that will impact their use, like dents or rusting. Masks must come with an overlay

Back of Head Protection: The back of the head needs to be covered by a solid, rigid protector, without significant gaps.

Gorget: We require a solid throat guard covering the front of the throat.

Jackets: Either a well padded HEMA jacket, or a sports fencing jacket over significant other protection (modular underlays, solid chest protectors etc.). If the jacket does not have a blade catcher at the front, a “Polish Apron” or similar guard to prevent the blade slipping under the mask bib must be worn. No gambesons with gaps allowed, including potential gaps at fastening points.

Elbows: Solid protection is required.

Knees: Solid protection (including the sides of the knee) is required.

Shins & Forearms: Solid protection is required.

Gloves: Metal gauntlets are not allowed. Unmodified Red Dragon or Lacrosse gloves are allowed, but we suggest wearing fingertip protectors at the least.

Chest Protector: Required for women and recommended for men.

Groin Guard: Required for men and recommended for women.