Character Pack “Saints & Sinners”


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For use with Force of Virtue the Game, this pack contains both the ‘Fires of Faith’ and ‘Dogs of War’ character decks. These character decks allows you to build a customised band of mercenaries for daring raids in Renaissance Italy.

Fires of Faith

  • It is not always strength of arms that prevails, but the flame men carry in their heart. In this new world the true Faith is assailed by heretics and dissenters. Those who believe often are followed by fanatical and devoted fighters willing to die for their beliefs.

  • Strengths – Excellent defensive cards for mercenaries, many ways of rallying.

  • Weaknesses – Few strategic cards, few offensive cards for knights.

Dogs of War

  • Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war. Gallows birds, murderers, ne’er do wells and rogues, but experienced and merciless warriors, skilled in the arts of war.
  • Strengths – Good offensive Honour Cards for mercenaries, can prevent enemies rallying.
  • Weaknesses – Low amount of Virtue cards, few Honour cards for capos.
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Set in the ruins of Rome during the Borgia ascendancy, Force of Virtue pits the merciless Borgia family and their adherents against the powerful families opposing them.

Rather than large battles, we wanted to recreate the chaotic and spontaneous skirmishes caused by a myriad of agents and retinues and their agendas as they bribe, extort and murder their way to prominence. Whether you want to represent the Swiss mercenaries of the Borgia court, the merciless agents of the Venetian Republic, militia forces of the Romagna pressed into policing the countryside (for better or for worse) or even covert force dispatched by the great powers of France or the Holy Roman Empire. And will you pursue your patrons interests, or risk their displeasure by furthering your own goals…