Burgundian Poleaxe


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In this new translation and interpretive guide, Jason Smith presents a complete translation if Le Jeu, detailed, photographic reconstructions of its many techniques, and a short primer on the basics of axe-combat, creating a complete curriculum for actually training in this unique, medieval martial art. Combined with an historical overview of the manuscript and a detailed biography of Jacques de Lalain, a famed Burgundian axe-fighter, this volume is not just a modern training manual but also a window into knightly culture at the waning of the Middle Ages.

Jason Smith has practiced medieval martial arts since 2001, with a focus on Le Jeu and Fiore Dei Liberi’s l’arte dell’armizare. Jason is a founding member of the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association, a loose Affiliation of like-minded schools and individuals (http://www.chivalricfighting.org), as well as a founding member of the International Armizare Society – a society dedicated to the study of medieval Italian martial arts, offering support, curriculum and grading standards to member schools (http://www.armizare.org).