800N Rated Lightweight Gloves


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Review by Pedro San Miguel:

Every modern fencing glove I’ve used in the past has developed holes and tears in the same key areas within a short time span, as they are not designed with the unique wear and tear of historical weapon hilts in mind.

Using a modern Olympic epee glove as a base, I worked with Jay to reinforce the areas that come into constant contact with rapier crossguards, sabre backstraps, smallsword quillions, longsword pommels, and so on.
The result is a pair of gloves that have withstood the impact of fencing 5 days a week for several months, while previous gloves would begin to deteriorate on me in only a few weeks.

Rather than using the very padded sabre cuff featured in previous TF gloves, I wanted these to keep the sleeker cuff of an epee glove, partly due to personal preference, but also so they could easily fit inside longsword sparring gloves.

A layer of stab resistant 800N fabric covers the entire hand, including the palm, and the webbing between the thumb and index finger is reinforced, helping to protect from one of the most common stabbing injuries to the hand.

Finally, a lighter layer of padding extends all the way to the fingertips, helping cut down on the occasional painful nail-flick from a smallsword or rapier blade.

These are now my favourite gloves for smallsword, rapier, lighter sabre, and the only under-gloves I use for longsword.”


Made from modern 800N CE fencing material, these gloves were designed to take feedback from the padded range into account. Working on the new design in cooperation with renowned person Pedro San Miguel, the padding is minimised, with better grip on the palms and fingers. The elastic cuff fits tightly at the forearm to not interfere with movement, and to fit under heavier gloves for Longsword or other categories as an 800N inner glove without causing fitting issues with forearm protectors.

  • Ideal for rapier, smallsword or as an 800N replacement inner glove
  • Grippy fingers and palms
  • Tight fitted elastic cuff
  • Leather pads at wear points for longevity