Curved Blades

In 2008 the UK government updated the 1988 Criminal Justice Act (Offensive Weapons), to include curved bladed swords with a length greater than 50cm. This amendment made it an offense to buy, sell, import, make or in any way transfer swords which fell under that definition.

This amendment included exemptions from prosecution for swords supplied for a “permitted or sporting activity” provided that public liability insurance is held for that group or associations activities.

As such, we need to take copies of relevant documentation from our UK customers, so that we as sellers, and you as buyers, are protected from potential future prosecution, by having documented proof that at the time of sale you were a member of a group with public liability insurance for a permitted activity.

We will need the following details by email:

  • The name of your association or school
  • The insurance provider covering your sporting activities
  • Your personal insurance details under the association
  • Your association or school’s public liability insurance

We cannot accept any orders for curved blades from buyers who have not first provided these details.

Once you have supplied these details, we will send you information as to how to complete your purchase of a curved blade.