From the 27th – 28th of July, Tempus Fugitives was represented at the 2019 Albion Cup by our instructor Alexander Makarov. The Albion Cup is the UK’s largest annual multi-discipline tournament event, attracting participants from all around the world, including competitors from Norway, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and the US. Held at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, Tempus Fugitives forms part of a multi-club organisation team, preventing us from doing a full unbiased review on the quality of the event, but many participants highlighted the level of competition and quality of the judging.

We are proud to announce that Alexander brought home the gold medal in the Rapier & Dagger category, demonstrating a high command of technical and tactical aptitude. Competitively this bracket of the event represented the highest challenge level, with 8 participants being within the worlds top 100.

Special thanks should go to the head organiser Maria Makarova (also a TF member), everyone on the organisational team, volunteers and of course the competitors who made for such a wonderful event.